online offline is a personal diary modeled after the golden age of blogging

Hi, I’m Cecilia, welcome to the inside of my brain. I’d like to be your friend and welcome you into my world. Here is what I’m all about:

  • Fashion. I love vintage, pared-down and sexy clothes - especially one-of-a-kind things. You’ll get links to cheap eBay designer finds, outfit photos, + styling tips.

  • Essays about my life in Los Angeles and my midwestern upbringing

  • Art! I’m an oil painter.

  • My photography + my friend’s photography

  • Snips of creative, emotive fiction and poetry - my favorite poet is Frank O’Hara

  • I like to think I’m funny, so there will be Jokes

  • Music and movie takes

  • Curated playlists w/ some deep cuts and well-loved favorites from my time working at a radio station

  • Literature, articles and things worth reading

  • Musing about life in general. I’m making an effort to move away from my inner edge lord to step into a more earnest, open way of living. I don’t like to debate and I’m getting better at admitting when something is above my pay grade. My focus here is on art, beauty and love. If it makes you cringe, I’m okay w/ that.

My philosophy:

  • Less is more

  • Acclaim isn’t important

  • We owe each other everything

  • Art is about letting something develop through you

  • It is meaningful to work hard and pursue understanding

I love to connect with my readers. It makes me incredibly happy to get comments as well as feedback on my posts.

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I was born in Minnesota at the tender age of 0